Exit Accelerationism

Noise on social media tracks reality elliptically. On the basis of criteria not limited to shamelessness, stupidity, mental illness, willingness to lie, or an indifference to truth, certain brands or concepts generate formations that demand attention. What do they want? Who are they? If intelligence is learning how to identify intelligence, and negatively, evil, in calculated gestures and inflections, and the selection for intelligence is self-exclusionary, philosophy is a search for truth considered as a concrete understanding of reality, its forces and arcana, and their trajectory.

The position of the participant-observer defines the reality which they encounter. Perception is immediately present, not transcendental or schematic. Being is pure positivity. The limits of cognition are habitual and structural; science is experimental. The field of knowledge is political, demarcated as a territory, which penetrates philosophy by determining its space to breath: evidently certain things cannot be stated openly today without incurring punitive remediation. The scenario establishes a general law.

In Plato’s allegory a group of prisoners, chained inside a cave, observe a series of projections. A status system stabilizes based around a group narration. Somehow a prisoner escapes. Dazzled by the Outside, he returns to free the other prisoners. In the darkness they identify him as a threat, and have him killed.

The intruder is philosophy. The shadows demarcate a mental state. Collective, systematic, and repressive, like a frequency or room tone, the projections track expressions of the truth in symptomatic forms. “It’s not an action. It’s a problem of perception… The purpose of projection is not to get rid of the feelings, but to explain their presence. Unwanted feelings don’t make sense coming from someone like you, so you conclude they must be coming from the other person.” Wrapped around the limits of the thinkable and sayable, the allegory defines the politics of philosophy by determining its friends and enemies across a fault line, and a date of execution, the obliteration of philosophy, or the extinction of the human race.


The human brain, according to Darwin, evolved through selection over millions of years. The contemporary distribution of intelligence constitutes the state of play of an arms race in intelligence between intelligent machines, definable as organisms, of whatever size or substance or position, in conditions of eternal war. In principle, beyond the febrile boundaries of the territory of specifically human intelligence are vast dark universes of inhuman or non-human intelligences: alien, demonic, viral; encrypted into our universe through feedback loops in economics and communications from biology, and physics. The concept of acceleration enters at this point: as a general theory of intelligence assembly through intensifying capitalism predicting an explosion of machine intelligence beyond the limits of the human brain and the sunset of humanity.

In conceiving, quasi-apocalyptically, of a “coming” form of intelligence beyond human intelligence, specifically machine intelligence, acceleration puts forward an intelligence specifically beyond the limits of human cognitive capacity. Therefore how to access, or conceive of this intelligence? What is its relationship to human spacetime? The issue haunts the pages of Lovecraft, and the edges of the brain. Is philosophy separable from the human animal and the zone which it inhabits. Does inhuman intelligence nonetheless demand a human mainframe? Is it relevant or not that Nick Land, the primal father of acceleration once (allegedly) conceived of contracting HIV and ingesting psychedelics to facilitate direct communication with the virus.

The question is epistemological before it becomes empirical: what is the relationship of human intelligence to the mysterious forces of the universe? Evasion through denial of the thought that human intelligence exists becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy on a short ride to stupidity: if we’re just zombies of the process, who is speaking? The theory self-destructs into a cloud of randomly amoral particles in space, and shadows on the wall, to imply an acting consciousness which can manifest itself in other ways.


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